Website Development

Sometimes having a website can be a burden on a company. Our goal is to take that burden away. If you have a website that you can no longer maintain, or if you need a website built. We can make websites a little easier for everyone. Let us sit down with you and evalutate what you need, and provide you with the tools to control it.

Web Presence Packages

Wordpress Site

Just need a website that looks good to customers and provide information to those customers? Maybe a wordpress site is the best option for your company. A wordpress site is the easy way to go. In most cases these sites can be done in about a week. This is the cheapest option.

** Simple Advanced Complex
Price $ 800+ $ 1200+ $ 2200+
Development Time 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks

Joomla Based Site

Content Management Base Site. Allows you to change content on any page from a simple webiste interface. Best solution for small business owners that don't need an online store.

** Simple Advanced Complex
Price $ 1,000+ $ 2,000+ $ 4,500+
Development Time 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks

CakePHP Based Site

CakePHP is a Model/View/Controller based site that allows for total site customization. These types of sites are fully customized. The most complex site option, but usually has the best customer facing design and layout. This option is usually for businesses going for the best look and feel, but may be the most complex to maintain.

** Simple Advanced Complex
Price $ 1,600+ $ 3,000+ $ 6,500+
Development Time 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks

** Simple sites are based on 4-5 page based sites. Advanced are based on 10+ sites that might need to record user interaction or interact with the user. Complex sites are just like Advanced sites but require more time to build. All prices are quoted upfront before any work begins.

Need help with web presence?

Need Help With Your Web Presence?

  • Have an existing site that needs a little work?
  • Need a website built?
  • Would you like to setup an online store?